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No New Posts alone at last, we can sit and fight

getting started. everything relevant to the site will be contained within this board. this means the rules, plot, cliques, credits and other important threads. read them all!

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by prunemagunwood
Jun 8, 2021 7:12:31 GMT
No New Posts and i've lost all faith in this

announcements. this is a particularly important board. anything new that's added or updated on the site will be posted within here. all the awards and monthly updates will also be posted here.

Sub-boards: awards, site events

by HeeneCamsaura
Sept 23, 2020 23:29:02 GMT
No New Posts blurring light, but stay right here we can

registration. the registration board is where you create your characters [: this board contains the applications. post in the pending apps sub-board, and fill out the applications to the best of your abilities! be creative!

Sub-board: pending applications

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by chebirosmandfin
Oct 18, 2019 14:54:47 GMT
No New Posts change our plight, we're storming

EMOS: 16


Sub-boards: asylum staff, populars, rebels, druggies, musicians, artists, emos, nerds, nobodies

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:32:26 GMT
No New Posts through this despite what's right

claims. the two mandatory claims within this board are the face claim and dorm claim. other claims are cell phone and instant messenger, which aren't as important.


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by weekcakoraders
Nov 11, 2019 13:31:27 GMT
No New Posts one final fight, for this tonight[/font]

advertising. the board which most guests are looking for. post in the correct sub-board! please. saves the staff a lot of hassle.

Sub-boards: affiliation, first post proboards, first post if, link backs

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:21:05 GMT


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No New Posts plot pages

times are a changing, and even though those pretty plot pages with lyrics are still being used, they're less common. post your plot pages in here!

7 18 Eccentricity Enabled
May 26, 2010 23:15:56 GMT
No New Posts plot ad and requests

the plot ads seem to be replacing those plot pages nowadays. post in here to just plot relationships with other members of the site. also, you can request certain characters that you may need to be taken.

Sub-board: character requests

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:23:53 GMT
No New Posts technology

yes, every single teenager has access to some form of technology, whether it be a cell phone or computer. in here are those boards for your cell phones, instant messenger, twitter and so on.

Sub-boards: cell phones, facebook, instant messenger, twitter

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by niacreataldabci
Dec 27, 2019 23:47:29 GMT
No New Posts photo albums

every character needs those photos of their childhoods, piss ups and the terrible teenager years.

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by enennanacin
Sept 11, 2020 0:26:46 GMT
No New Posts diaries & journals

whether the crazy therapist is forcing you to keep an account of your sexual urges, or if you just like writing, you'll find the character's deepest, darkest secrets posted in here!

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:16:34 GMT
No New Posts thread trackers

thread trackers are an excellent way of making sure you're on top of all your threads with your character(s), and have replied to them.

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by prunemagunwood
Jun 8, 2021 7:09:43 GMT
No New Posts past and future

this board is for events that happened in the past to characters to better explain things that are going on in the present. you can also use it to roleplay things in the future.


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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:38:16 GMT


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No New Posts asylum staff dormitories

all asylum staff members have their own dormitories. of course, the exceptions to this are the married couples.

Sub-boards: staff dorm 1, staff dorm 2, staff dorm 3, staff dorm 4, staff dorm 5, staff dorm 6, staff dorm 8, staff dorm 9

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:29:34 GMT
No New Posts common room

the common room is the only place in the entire academy (except for the dorms) where you aren't under constant surveillance. it has one tv, a few desks, and many sofa's and armchairs. the cliques stick together in here.

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:55:32 GMT
No New Posts teenage dormitories

everyone from the age fourteen to twenty will have a dorm. the dormitories house ten in each; five boys and five girls. and of course, naughty things tend to happen in the cover of the night.

Sub-boards: teenage block 1, teenage block 2, teenage block 3, teenage block 4, teenage block 5, teenage block 6, teenage block 7, teenage block 8

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by enennanacin
Sept 11, 2020 0:29:34 GMT
No New Posts adult dormitories

everyone aged twenty one to thirty will have a dorm in here. just like the teenage ones, it's ten to a room; five girls and five boys.

Sub-board: adult block 1

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No New Posts foyer

the grand foyer of stanfield asylum screams wealth. along with that wealth it also gives off a false security of well behaved students and safeness. however, this tends to be the only room in the academy that those stuck up parents see.

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by kcuscheapscheckcerre
Aug 27, 2019 14:21:11 GMT
No New Posts canteen

the rundown canteen serves crappy food and needs a good clean. if you want food you're betting off heading to the kitchens and cooking it yourself.

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by chebirosmandfin
Oct 18, 2019 14:32:02 GMT
No New Posts auditorium

the auditorium is used by the staff to hold important announcements, or for those artistic students to put on plays. the auditorium is never empty.

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:28:13 GMT
No New Posts staff room

of course, the friendly teachers of the school need somewhere to hide and socialize away from the prying eyes of the students. however, this doesn't stop them from spying on their beloved teachers.

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No New Posts infirmary

whether you're hurt or injured, or just need someone on medical staff for advice, the infirmary is the best place for both students and staff to go to.

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:19:27 GMT
No New Posts corridors

mostly deserted, but on the corridor corners you'll find kids smoking, doing drugs or just plain fucking. just like a normal street corner in a rough neighbourhood.

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by anfronitdesla
Nov 16, 2020 7:45:22 GMT
No New Posts bathrooms

yes, you'll notice the word 'bathrooms' here instead of 'girls bathroom' or 'boys bathroom'. the separation of genders has become so fucked up over the years the school no longer know which bathroom belongs to who. instead both genders use whatever bathroom they want, and the teachers make a note to stay well away.

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by chebirosmandfin
Oct 18, 2019 14:25:19 GMT
No New Posts classrooms

tired teachers and silly students. that's what usually occupies the old age classrooms of stanfield academy. however, the teaching is top notch and you'll find that most of the students are exceptionally bright. but it's a different matter entirely if the teens bother showing up.

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Jul 10, 2022 3:14:34 GMT
No New Posts therapy

all inmates of the asylum are required to attend regular therapy sessions. however, it's a different matter entirely if any bother showing up.

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:36:46 GMT
No New Posts shock treatment

the shock therapy treatment of stanfield is kept a secret from the parents. anytime a patient misbehaves, they're either shut into the solitary confinement room, or given the electric shock treatment. of course, the shock treatment was outlawed many years ago.

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by anfronitdesla
Nov 16, 2020 7:57:03 GMT
No New Posts solitary confinement

solitary confinement is not the place you want to be. locked up for a day or more, completely isolated and unable to do anything. this place isn't just for the insane teens to be shut away, it's also used to to punish misbehaving kids.

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by enennanacin
Sept 11, 2020 0:09:20 GMT
No New Posts basement

it's dark, dismal and depressing. three good reasons why you should stay away, and three good reasons as to why the teenagers love it so much. you'll find a couple doing something x-rated in the dark, for sure!

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by chebirosmandfin
Oct 18, 2019 14:51:42 GMT


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No New Posts courtyard

the courtyard was a fine area of the asylum back in the day. even if the flowerbeds are still kept neat and the hedges trimmed, your first impression of the academy can be dulled by the smoking students and drinking teenagers who usually hang about her during break, lunch and after school hours.

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:43:57 GMT
No New Posts gymnasium

the gymnasium is located in its very own block separate from the main building. school assemblies and gatherings are often held in here, along with the torture that the nerds can't deal with; commonly called physical education.

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:13:36 GMT
No New Posts performing arts block

yet another separate building, the school decided to build another block to hold the musicians, artists and drama dreamers. the ground floor holds three huge art rooms, the first floor holds the drama and dance studio, and the top holds a studio and many music rooms. it's still considered new in the eyes of the teenagers. for now.

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:45:30 GMT
No New Posts library and computer suite

after refurbishing the original library into another classroom, the school spent some serious cash to build an adjoining building onto the original academy. it's two floors: the ground holds the enormous library, and the top floor has many computer suites. only the nerds are found in the library, but you'll find desperate teenagers attempting to convince their parents to pick them up from this hell hole in the computer suites.

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by enennanacin
Sept 11, 2020 0:12:12 GMT
No New Posts flower gardens

only the most outer edges of the flower gardens are tended too. the rest is left to the teenagers. you'll find god knows what in the wilted flowerbeds within the gardens.

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:26:44 GMT
No New Posts lawns

the asylum stretches for a few acres, so the grass seems never ending. you'll see groups of teenagers - sticking within their cliques - hanging around during break and lunch. and during class. and during the night. in fact, the students prefer the outside to being locked up inside.

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by anfronitdesla
Nov 16, 2020 7:36:39 GMT
No New Posts forest

the forest isn't really a forest; more like a clump of trees that take up a small bit of space. regardless, if you don't know your way around you may get lost, and then come upon someone fucking in the trees.

Sub-board: barbecue

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:35:19 GMT
No New Posts outdoor pool

it's the only pool in school, and apparently it's "heated." no, it's not. even during the hot summers the pool tends to be freezing cold. did i mention the leaves and filth covering the surface?

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:22:23 GMT
No New Posts abandoned warehouse

the warehouse was used many years ago to store equipment, stationary and occasionally dried food. however, the warehouse couldn't withstand a riot by a group of drugged up teenagers. the whole place got completely destroyed, and half of it burnt down. since then the warehouse has been left alone and used by those to throw parties, throw a mini gig or just plain fuck.

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:46:51 GMT


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No New Posts hanley mall

the hanley mall is a hotspot for the teenagers of stanfield on their day trips out. it's full of shops ranging from those flash designer labels all the way to your typical hot topic. not to forget those starbucks and coffee shops, of course. the populars love to shop, and the nerds love the gaming stores. the mall houses just about anybody.

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by fuddberfiholthe
Aug 21, 2019 0:36:19 GMT
No New Posts bluefield park

bluefield park used to be a beautiful place, until the asylum was built, that is. nowadays the teenagers use it as a public shagging area when they escape from their carers for a few hours. don't get me wrong: there's still a few rose gardens and fountains, but mind the dog shit and try not to be arrested with your pants down.

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:10:47 GMT
No New Posts kings apartments

for those staff that are married or have children, the kings apartments are the ideal place. probably located in the nicest part of town, the apartments are well guarded and secure. however, a few of these gorgeous apartments are rented out to the people that supply drugs for the inmates. seems like nothing escapes the asylums dark presence.

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by anfronitdesla
Nov 16, 2020 7:33:45 GMT
No New Posts back alleys

ah, the back alleys of northville, the heart and soul of the town. the majority of drugs get sold in the dirty, rat ridden alleyways, and you'll always find a couple going at it against the damp brick walls. if you wish for your innocence to remain intact, then it's advisable to stay away from northvilles back alleys.

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by kcuscheapscheckcerre
Aug 27, 2019 13:59:46 GMT
No New Posts nightlife

the nightlife of northville is a lively one, and on the rare occasions the patients of stanfield are allowed out all night, you'll find them all here. there's many clubs, pubs and bars that take up several streets, and generally the occupants of these buildings spill out onto the streets. you won't be surprised to learn it's easy to buy cheap drugs and alcohol in the middle of the road.

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by niacreataldabci
Dec 28, 2019 0:02:54 GMT
No New Posts st. lucifer hospital

no matter how hard the staff try, they'll always be students from stanfield admitted into st. lucifer hospital. whether it be from a stabbing or labour, this hospital has seen it all. not one nurse or doctor are surprised to see a student enter the hospital doors any longer. they've all adjusted to the wild injuries that the patients have endured or self inflicted.

3 19 ``There's Nothing Wrong{with me}__Nathan*
Jun 1, 2010 23:45:16 GMT
No New Posts st. lucifer church

built around the same time as the hospital, st. lucifer church is a safe haven for the few religious community members. unfortunately the church is often full of the religious nuts that stanfield asylum holds, so it isn't a soothing place to be.

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by anfronitdesla
Nov 16, 2020 7:39:29 GMT
No New Posts police station

if a serious crime has occurred at the asylum (such as a stabbing or rape) then unfortunately the police must be notified. you'll find half the cells here full of the drunken teenagers on their night outs, and the few murderers and rapists from the asylum. needless to say it's a nasty place to spend your friday night, especially as the police don't hesitate before treating you like shit.

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:41:08 GMT
No New Posts northville prison

many of the murderers and rapists will find themselves in northville prison when leaving stanfield asylum. but only if they don't escape fast enough when graduating. once you've left stanfield, there's always a huge chance you'll be dumped in northville prison if you commit another crime. the asylum looks like a playground in comparison.

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No New Posts heath library

heath library has a massive interior, and is full of thousands of books. the nerds and nobodies are the only people that spend more than five forced minutes among the many book shelves. of course you'll find the odd musician or emo grabbing a book, but shush, they'll hurt you if you tell on them.

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by naapernisere
Dec 22, 2020 1:39:44 GMT


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No New Posts with knives and pens we made our plight

chit-chat. any out of character awesomeness can come here :] this includes games, general chat, introductions and absences. the board names are easy enough to figure out!

Sub-boards: introductions, games room, goodbyes, venting & ranting

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by acmuistalnessthral
Nov 8, 2021 0:49:45 GMT
No New Posts and i can't go on without your love

graphics. whether you need a graphic made for you, or you're requesting, this board is for you. remember to credit!

4 29 you're the perfect weapon, baylee
Jun 1, 2010 1:59:32 GMT
No New Posts you lost, you never held on, we tried our best

archives. any finished, dead or inactive threads will be moved to this board. you cannot post in these! if you wish to revive a thread in here then please pm an admin to have it moved. incomplete applications will also be held in here.

Sub-boards: application archives, events & awards archives, plotting archives, thread archives, bonfire

131 656 PDA
May 19, 2010 22:38:01 GMT
No New Posts turn out the light, turn out the light

staff room. sorry my delightful people, but this room is off bounds to everyone except the staff <3 and no, we're not trying to take over the world.

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